The reason we are here

According to ancient legends, Yoozico is the mother of all cats-like in the world, which itself is exposed to destruction. In these legends, Yoozico is a symbol of speed, ingenuity and accuracy, as well as loyalty to the family, which has been inspired in this regard...

New year,new coin

we always have a look at the history that we intend to highlight

Airdrop started

One of Yoozico's goals is music smartcontracts and related payments, as well as giving music awards on the web. Therefore, at this stage Yoozico airdrop is awarded to music professors, composition elites, master musicians of all instruments and anyone who feels like a phenomenon in music. Applicants for this airdrop should send their Yoozico wallet address along with a work sample or demo to the telegram address:
in order to participate in this airdrop.
Start date: 14.01.2023
Completion date 25.01.2023
Yoozico,masterpiece of tokens.


our vision is a cryptocurrency portfolio tracker with an integrated multi-chain wallet that helps users keep track of their finances and automatically synchronize their wallets. But vision is much more than just a portfolio or wallet; that's just one of the many features it has.

Unique coverage of everything
YES Everything...

We have to offer you something that is valuable to you. To be with you in any situation for any work and to be able to count on it for the future of the day, especially the hard days.


The use of this token is unlimited in business. So count on Yoozico for any business you have.


Like a caring parent, Yuziko watches over you in various situations in life to improve. Like a strong support.


To hear everything worth hearing. Be one step ahead of everyone else to play, listen or be heard.


Modern Banking, an all-round trading experience. A distinctively shaped bridge for your convenience.


You will never be left behind in the unparalleled fashion industry. The red carpet will always be there for you.


We have a shield resistant to environmental damage, By preventing plastic consumption in nature.


Playing has no age limit, continue with Yoozico even more unlimitedly. Work, play, enjoy.


A suitable option for the elderly and retired! Benefits and support for our parents, now it's our turn to support you.


One of the joys in the world is tasting food. Now imagine it will be more economical with our token. Now imagine more...


Treatment in the condition you need, our forecast is even cheaper with the same quality.

Metaverse & NFT

Step into a world parallel to this world, see and touch everything you want and own it.


Do you enjoy watching movies? Get one step closer to Hollywood with the Yoozico token.

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